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Disclaimer: this post contains self-congratulation (apologies…we’re still very excited!)

A week ago, AdMore attended the Recruiter Awards for Excellence 2013 where we were winners of our category – Best Newcomer.

This was our first time attending the awards and it has made me reflect on what this means for us as a company and how valuable the whole experience has been.

Entering the awards took time and effort. We submitted our entry in January, although it took a couple of months of preparation and polishing before we were ready to hit ‘send’. The questions for each category are challenging and really make you think about how you operate, what value you are really adding to your customers and crucially, what makes you different to your competition.

For a business who aims to do the simple things exceptionally well, we also had to give examples of creativity and innovation and importantly, be able to back this up with evidence. There is, quite rightly, an emphasis placed on quality of service and so it was important that we had testimonials from both candidates and clients. Irrespective of the end result, going through this process as a group was invaluable – encouraging us to analyse what we do well and what we must improve upon.

As an industry, we are often judged (both fairly and unfairly!) and so entering the Recruiter Awards gave us an opportunity to be assessed by our peers and by credible industry leaders. The list of judges is impressive and ranges from in-house recruitment leaders and senior directors of international agencies to industry commentators and futureologists.  These people really know recruitment and most importantly, are passionate about the industry.

When we were notified that we had made the shortlist, we were delighted!  For a small business, just getting that far seemed a big achievement and made the hard work of putting together our submission worthwhile. Very quickly, our thoughts turned to the awards ceremony itself. Our table was booked and dinner jackets dusted off…could we, just maybe, win the category?

The event itself was excellent – a great venue, good food and the atmosphere you would expect from a group of recruitment people enjoying a cocktail or two! After a welcome from DeeDee Doke, the Recruiter magazine’s genial Editor and the event’s sponsor Eploy, the evening was handed over to the comedian Ed Byrne who did a great job of lightening the increasing sense of anticipation in the room.  Announcing the nominees and winners of each category was Alan ‘voice of the balls’ Dedicoat and when he read our name out as winners of our category, it was amazing! The OSCARS it may not have been, however the sense of joy, shared experience and frankly sheer amazement that we all felt, will I’m sure remain with us for a long time.


As a team building exercise, it doesn’t come much better and, although it clearly helped that we won, I would recommend the experience to anyone who takes pride in what they do. We have a shiny trophy for the office and lots of great PR and marketing opportunities – invaluable for a small business. On a more serious note, it has given us a much needed boost in what continues to be a tough market and it has been a little recognition for the founders of AdMore who took the risk of setting up in the midst of a recession. Most importantly, it provides a benchmark and a standard that we have to live up to.

We don’t and won’t get everything right but we are determined to try. What struck me most about all the winners and the nominees last week was that they really cared and that can only be a good thing for our industry.

Irrespective of the outcome, we got so much out of the experience and I would highly recommend it…you never know, you could just win!

So, in the great tradition of awards ceremonies, a few “thank yous”:

To our candidates and clients who we will endeavour to support in the best way we can

To the Recruiter magazine and sponsors of the event for a fantastic night

To the lovely team at Oakleaf Partnership, our table-mates on the night, for their warmth and encouragement

To our families for their support

And last but not least, to the whole team at AdMore – the hard work continues!


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