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“So you are well networked are you? Do you know Ade Moore?”

Slight pause…

“Oh yes, I know Ade Moore very well. He has just changed jobs. I mean, it hasn’t been officially announced but he told a few of his closest friends on Facebook, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind me mentioning it. It’s not a big surprise that he was headhunted given that he had just posted a 10.45% increase in sales…roughly £114.63 million. It certainly explains why he put his house up for sale last week……..

…..No, no need to show me out – I know your office like the back of my glasses, ahem, I mean hand.”

It is most (sane) recruiters’ nightmare – being tested on your network knowledge. Do you know as much as you have claimed in the last 30 minutes – after all, you based your pitch on the strength of your personal network. We have all been put on the spot and although it is unrealistic to expect someone to have an encyclopaedic memory of all their contacts, there is always that niggling doubt that if you don’t seem ‘on the ball’ you won’t win the pitch. So how did the above recruiter know all that information…on the hoof?

Google Glasses. Well, for those of you who have not heard about this potential technological wonder, Google Glasses are being tipped as the product that could out-wow the not yet released iWatch. They are described as ‘augmented reality glasses’, if i have lost you now, watch here to learn more. In essence, you would wear the glasses as normal but with the handy addition of various applications streaming within your vision: maps, calendar appointments, text messages, targeted adverts…it would be voice activated and would theoretically respond to certain commands and key words.

So how else could Google Glasses aid recruiters? Here are some of my suggestions – tongue firmly in cheek of course!

  • Assessment of body language and verbal cues.

During an interview, the glasses could potentially give you an instant assessment of the mood and/or reaction of a candidate to a question. Did their reaction suggest you should probe deeper? It could also give you an instant assessment of a candidate’s frame of mind before the interview. Better brush up on Top 10 tips for creating 10 great first impressions in the first 10 seconds of an interview

  • Confidential retainer interviews.

It has been suggested that the glasses would be able to film and stream in real time. A client could watch a consultant interview a candidate and where appropriate ‘text’ a specific question during the interview to the consultant. Equally the client could ‘disengage’ once they have seen enough or rewind/fast forward the interview as desired. The candidate may have signed an NDA and never know who they were being interviewed by.

  • Social media history.

What have they said about a subject previously? If they are genuinely passionate about using Twitter for engaging customers, how come they haven’t tweeted for a few weeks? What did they say on Facebook yesterday…hmm they did post a photo from a pub in Soho rather late last night.

  • Name checking.

If a candidate drops a name or two during an interview, simply repeating the name back, could bring up a LinkedIn profile. Bingo!

  • Compliance.

Admin has never been a favoured task for your average recruiter. If connected to your database the interview could be recorded and uploaded. No more event entries and interview notes.

  • Rapport building.

Good recruiters do their research but the blaggers tend to rely on their ‘wit, good looks and charm.’ Yes…I do the research. If the rapport building is proving hard work, how about a quick question about which team they support…Ahhh Arsenal…dialling up BBC sport…….I hear they have put a bid in for blah,blah,blah.

  • IQ & EQ testing.

Could the glasses run a real time check on the grammar, tone, diction, accent, keyword use of a candidate and give a score? Might be worth wrapping the interview up early – this one’s a winner! In fact I’ll send her CV and Psych results to the client now, I might get a reply in time to arrange the next stage before she leaves.

  • Fashion Police!

Hmm, my Google glasses are telling me that her dress is sooooo 2012 (not that I would have noticed). Time to call a halt to the interview? Hopefully, the tech wont be based on QR codes…getting access to the tag on the inside pocket of their jacket could get awkward!

  • Automated verbal questions.

Big night out yesterday? Don’t worry, just choose one of your pre-recorded interview sessions, turn up the speaker and away you go. You are present…kind of. Just review the interview at a later date.

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Jez Styles, AdMore Recruitment– Specialists in Retail and Hospitality Recruitment, Search & Selection, Talent Management and Career Development.