A couple of years ago I was present as my wife gave birth to my daughter, the culmination of nearly 9 months of hard work (and eating). Conception was clearly a great deal of fun. Gestation, although not a doddle, was relatively calm with one or two bumpy periods. Labour…hmmm, this was where things seemed to ‘get a bit more serious’, not helped by my insisting on a full English breakfast before going to the hospital resulting in my wife missing the deadline for any pharmaceutical assistance for the rest of the day. Oops. The birth was clearly the most painful, difficult and stressful part of the whole process. (My squeezed, broken hand has only just recovered !!) The result however was more than worth it with the arrival of a beautiful healthy daughter.

“I thought this was an article about recruitment or something?” I here you say.

Well, I have recently relived a similar set of emotions in the development of the new AdMore website. What started out as a fun, exciting, enjoyable, carefree idea has grown and developed over the past 8 months and we are now at the ‘delivery stage,’ full of dread and trepidation as reality dawns.

It started as a relatively simple brief that has now morphed into a significantly more complex and intricate piece of work. It seems that every decision made has created the need for another ten decisions to be taken, many of which actually should have been made at the start!!

One of the key challenges was the ‘look and feel’ of the website. This was akin to choosing names for aforementioned baby arrival. In theory a relatively simple task, until you sit down with pen and paper and start discussing it.

‘I know’, I thought, ‘let’s ask the team for their thoughts.’

What should our website be like?

Energetic, colourful, movement, dynamic, not static, it must have people in it, be a simple design with a clear layout, intuitive, easy to use, must be mobile and tablet friendly, be content rich, vibrant, enticing and welcoming.

Ok and what don’t you want?

A typical recruitment website layout, not pictures of ordinary people, not earth, wind, fire, rivers, lakes, sky, not saplings or trees, not landmarks from famous international cities, nothing too quirky or too whacky, not full of hyperlinks, not just full of text, not dull or boring, not overly corporate.

A simple brief then, marvellous.

Back to the present. The layout , imagery and ‘look and feel’ have been agreed and signed off on 3  separate occasions. We agreed my daughter’s name on 3 occasions prior to birth, then she arrived and didn’t suit any of them meaning we took a further 2 weeks to decide on the final choice.

As a team we are happy with the final layout, imagery and ‘look and feel’ and are happy that the majority of the brief will be delivered upon. We are just waiting for the final part of the site to be built before going live.


Will our minds change again before then? How many more changes can be accommodated? Will we be too busy celebrating the achievement of our monthly team productivity target with a full English breakfast and miss the soft launch? Will it come out ugly and get prettier , or vice versa?

Food for thought…..

 UPDATE: The website has now been live one week, and we have received some very positive to date! Suddenly it feels it was all worthwhile…

Giles Gallimore