I am not sure that a day goes by without a blog or article talking about the power of Linkedin and the impact it is having on the recruitment market. Without question, Linkedin is a powerful recruitment tool and one that continues to be used increasingly by both In-house recruiters and consultants alike as a method of sourcing candidates. For candidates it can be a great way to be found for relevant roles without the effort of applications. For both parties it is a great way to engage. However its effectiveness and its power is reliant on the information on individual profiles being both accurate and up to date. For everyone this is perhaps an area for greater consideration.
Interestingly, in a survey conducted by research firm, the ICM Group, they found that 46% of respondents admitted that their Linkedin profiles are out of date. The question is, what impact does it have if you don’t keep your profile up to date?
What has really interested me lately is the changing attitude towards Linkedin we seeing by both clients and consultants. I recently had an interesting experience with a client of mine regarding a senior candidate I had put forward for a Director level role. Having submitted this candidate as part of my shortlist I was quite surprised when the client called me a couple of days later, not to discuss the candidates strong CV but instead being rather negative about the candidate’s Linkedin profile and the inconsistencies that appeared when compared to their CV.
So going back to my original question, it is worth thinking about the consequence of not keeping your profile up to date. Given the comments I have made above, at best you will unfortunately get approached about assignments that are irrelevant to you and at worse, potentially put off a prospective employer who to some degree makes an assumption about you based on your profile.
I think we all appreciate that a Linkedin profile is not about having the contents of your CV online and that certain information isn’t for public viewing. However, it is about having profile which provides an overview of your background and experience. The point here is that whether you are in the market for a new role or not, there really is benefit in making sure that your profile is both up to date and accurate. I appreciate that you may be using Linkedin just as a way to get back in touch or indeed to keep in touch with your network, however whichever way you look at it, if you have a profile, it is very likely to have some influence over your next job move. People need to remember that it reflects you as an individual, not just to people you know but also to those you don’t…….